LCPC Expert | Technical and Contractual Audit, Mozambique
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Technical and contractual audit of the N°1 road rehabilitation works in Mozambique




The Audit concerned the rehabilitation and upgrading works of the 97km N1 road section between Xai-Xai and Chissibuca in Gaza and Inhambane Provinces.

After works completion in April 2011, the road developed cracks in the 40 mm thick asphalt layer, that were identified as soil-cement stabilized base shrinkage cracks reflecting to the surface.

Under-thicknesses and limited performance of cement treated materials, as well as debonded interfaces between layers, were also likely to be met locally.


LCPC EXPERTS carried out the following services:

  • Identifying road defects and causes of cracks, in particular with in-situ investigations and lab tests (coring of pavement structure, sampling of natural sand, FWD deflections measurements and related lab tests),
  • Recommending remedial options so that the road complies with its pavement design life and expected quality specifications,
  • Estimating the cost of remedial measures deemed necessary in the short-term, as well as the possible loss of road value in the mid or long-term,
  • Assessing the responsibilities of the different parties involved at design and construction stages,
  • Advising the Client on possible contractual recourses,
  • Recommending technical and contractual improvements for future similar projects, in particular of specifications in tender documents,
  • Assisting the Client to set up a Road Monitoring and Maintenance Performance-Based Contract,
  • Organizing training sessions on the items above.



Administracao Nacional de Estradas ( A.N.E)
Mozambique – Gaza and Inhambane Provinces
June 2012 – Dec. 2014
Local Laboratories LEM
Technical and Contractual Audit of Road Design, Construction and Works Supervision in-situ and Lab Tests